Enviroment Policy

Fraktservice i Göteborg AB environmental policy is that with as little
environmental impact as possible to develop and optimize the performance
and resource consumption. The environmental policy is developed by management
and is the foundation of our environmental objectives.

ˇ We shall respect and comply with laws and rules governing the EU and national as well as to plan ahead for future legislative changes.
ˇ The service must be optimized according to route in terms of cargo and miles so that the shipment has so little impact on the environment as possible.
ˇ Take advantage of materials and technology for resource management.
ˇ Minimization of disposable products and the optimization of the material provided.
ˇ Subcontractors shall be selected for our own environmental policy.
ˇ The staff shall be informed of the risks associated with the discharge of waste, etc., as well as prevention of incidents affecting the environment negatively.
ˇ The staff will be trained in fuel-saving driving and cleaning of vehicles.
ˇ The municipality's recycling facilities to be fully exploited.
ˇ We shall make our environmental policy known to all employees.
ˇ Environmental Officer should be appointed.